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3 Power Bridge
Test Instrument


This TDA addresses the characterization and testing of single and poly phase power modules from the open hybrid type that requires mounting to the complete sealed module. Thermal characteristics are also monitored and profiled for a typical ceramic hybrid substrates. Your comments are welcome and I may be reached at Sal (JT) for technical discussions

Permanent Magnet
Brushless Motor


This TDA addresses the Permanent Magnet Brushless DC motors basic construction for a refresher to motor basics before covering the in depth theoretical analysis of the motor itself. Poly-phase theory is explained and applied to generate the equation sets used to commutate the motors. Digital generation of the equation set applied to PWM theories of commutations are covered as well along with a comparison of empirical data captured from the Three Phase Power Bridge Test Instrument. Your comments are welcome and I may be reached at Sal (JT) for technical discussions

Technical Publications

Technical Articles - Design, Manufacturing, Marketing, Financial, Education & Frequently Asked Questions

Publications are presented to help both technical and non-technical individuals develop a working understanding of technology from past to present and future trends. Technology "today", is attached to every part of daily lives and is not only assisting our civilization globally but in some cases destroying some of the freedoms that this country has enjoyed for the past 200 years. These contributions and effects in the age-of-technology are opening up many challenges for a free society to address this dichotomy.

This is one of those area that is constantly updated with applications solutions and technical papers as they become available. If you would like to be notified of updates, just send us this e-mail us at updates with your return address and you will be e-mailed when changes are published. BASIL Networks consortium will not sell or release our mailing list to any company, individual or organization for third party solicitation of any kind. "The team here at BASIL Networks are just as frustrated with unwanted mailings as many of other professionals.

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The following links have been posted here for reference to assist in the many choices available to build develop and market a custom system. These links allow the developer and system integrator many opportunities to develop the highest quality price / performance integrated system on the market with minimum hardware design at the PCB level.

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This section contains information on the hardware devices and software programs used to develop these technical presentations as well as this web site. I am sure that as we learn more about the new developments In corporate and web publication software this list will grow. Initially the capitol investment has been high, however since I have been using this software for the past 10 years or so, and still find these programs very useful, my return on investment just keeps improving. The cost of Upgrading the software packages would be very high at this time and would not be advantageous. I would like to thank all of my colleagues and friends especially the ones who continue to try and make writers out of technical people for their support and persistence. The BASIL Network team is seriously looking at the Linux and Unix based development tools for the next large scale research project. We have already replaced all Windows Servers with Enterprise Linux Servers. The costs saving as well as not having to replace a few of the servers brought the TCO down considerably and the legalities of the software licensing are easier to apply as well as the open source for security, control and Identification of our efforts. They have been running for the past three years with no problems. TOP

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