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The IBPD System installer incorporates an integrated API parser that links to the IBPD System core application environment.  This allows Clinc&Add-on applications which identifies the IBPD system as an interactive modular API development system.  The IBPD System installation core environment is portable and unique in such that any modular accessory, protocol or device may be interfaced and tailored to accommodate the IBPD System without having to re-install or update any previously installed protocols or devices.

In order to maintain user control of the product development the security of all IBPD system accessories,  protocols and device install files are compiled, encrypted and will only interface to the original registered IBPD System ordered.  This insures that only the end user will have full control of the installation.   The installation is a simple 4 step process as shown below.

  1. Browse for the downloaded  *.ibp  protocol or device file to install.[3].
  2. Enter the original user password created when the IBPD System was ordered/registered.[4].
  3. Browse for the Top Level directory where the Initial IBPD System was installed in your system or network.[5].
  4. Pick a button on the main menu where you want to execute the program from. Buttons that are already assigned will not be available.[6]

Click the Install Selected Product button to initiate the install process.   The install process will automatically link the selected installation with link the main menu with all other required links registered for the install.  Each install file incorporates installation information that is available to the user by clicking on the Read Install Notes button.



Return - Return to IBPD System Main Menu.

Install Selected Product - This starts the install process of the selected product.

[2]IBPD System Registration Information

This is the IBPD System registration information that must correspond to the product being installed.

[3]IBPD System Protocol / Device Install Filename

This is the product install filename.  It would be the one downloaded from BASIL Networks Web Site.

[4]Decryption Password

This is either the registration password that is sent to you on purchase or a user passphrase requested during registration.

[5]Top Level Directory for the IBPD System

This is the IBPD System install directory.  This directory contains the default SaveSet and Protocol files required to install the product.

[6]Button Position for the Installation

This is the user selected button position on the IBPD System main Menu to install the product.  The buttons that are available are highlighted.  The Read Install Notes button will display the noted for the install.

[7]Help for this Dialog

Help Files for the installation dialog.

[8]Status of last executed command

Status of the installation process.


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