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Interested parties please register to receive the demo

We have put together a FREE functional demonstration package of the IBPD System that will show the power and flexibility of the product line.   Each Demo package is registered, the download link will be E-Mailed to the address on the registration.  Your registration key will be mailed with the download link.  A confirmation E-mail will be sent to complete the registration process.

The demo software is focused on showing the features of the IBPD System and is limited without the IBPD controller hardware.  However, it is still very functional and demonstrates the features of the IBPD System using the commercially globally available UM232-B modules from FTDI through several distributors we have listed for convenience: FTDI On-Line-Store, a full list of Authorized Distributors.  BASIL Networks, PLLC is not affiliated with FTDI or any of the distribution centers in any way.

The demo software is self-contained as is the full release package and does not use the windows registry or create any registry keys.  To remove the demo just delete the directory it is installed in.  The following are features incorporated into the IBPD Demo package.   All help functions for the IBPD System demo are on-line.

Features Fully Enabled - No Limitations:

  • Full Calibration and Asset management System

  • CLADS -(Command Line Argument Development System)

  • Open/Edit Project Function

  • Encryption/Decryption Function Dialogs

  • HASH Dialog

  • Configure User Interface Programmable Buttons

  • Protocols Default Directories

  • RTF Editor


Features Enabled - With Limitations:

  • The ANSI C Library is not released in the demo

  • The Linux version is not released in the demo

One Protocol Controller I콯:

  • I콯 Block Program Dialog-Requires IBPD-Controller

  • I콯 Hex Block Debug Dialog-Requires IBPD Controller

  • Create New Project - Encryption is not enabled

  • CLADS - AES-256 Encryption not enabled

  • Internal help functions are redirected to BASIL Networks website Help.


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