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Our mission is simple; to produce the best quality products at a competitive price.  To accomplish this our team invests its time for your company's success by being an extended research, development, engineering and marketing resource for your company. This will allow us to blend with your own on-going developments and strategies seamlessly, "Structuring for Success".  This allows us to contribute to our clients success by adding to their market share at a higher rate of speed and precision.   BASIL Networks commitment to interface with our clients current workflow procedures and processes insures a smooth product development transition.  The BASIL Networks team understands the needs of corporations to maintain there marketing and product integrity while developing new strategies for future expansion, especially in current times.

Our Vision - Deliver a solution that exceeds our customers expectations with the highest product quality.

Our Mission - Establish a work environment that is rewarding and fun which in turn leads to outstanding customer service and support for all business partners.

Our Values -

    • Integrity is the foundation of character, with character an individual believes in honesty and accepting responsibility for their actions.
    • Treat everyone fairly, equally, and with respect.
    • Decide what is most important when measuring the success of those within the company and our partners.
    • If change is necessary, communicate it quickly and make it worth everyone's effort to implement.
    • Establish an environment where people can exercise their creativity and empower them to act.
    • Give individuals the freedom to be innovative without fear of mistake since mistakes are used as learning tools for all within the company.

BASIL Networks publishes its Code of Conduct for all to read and understand our culture and our commitment to life/work balance and prosperity.


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