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BASIL Networks offers a turnkey product solutions for your product development and process control system requirements. If you need a one of a kind product or process system for a short term product or you want to develop a product or system to manufacture and sell as a finished product to be part of your product line, then we are the ones to talk to.  From the initial evaluation, through the specifications process, through the design, build and validation process, to our clients acceptance of the system, we have the resources to deliver the system on time and to specifications.  One of the most critical sections of a process control system is the sensor section.  The signal conditioning requirements of the measurement points contributes to many of the problems we have seen over the years. In many cases we have saved our clients expense and time by correcting the sensor interface problems. Not understanding the measurement points signal characteristics leads to poor system performance along with an unexpected cost to correct the problem. In today's market, there are many COTS software packages and general purpose process systems, National Instruments«, Teradyne«, GenRad« to name a few, however most applications require some type of non standard signal conditioning.  We offer custom design services to develop isolated and standard signal conditioning racks and test beds for all your needs. Other areas experienced were obsolete equipment and software that would no longer perform or be capable of being networked for control. BASIL Networks also offers engineering networking services to connect all your systems to a Secure Local Area Network. We will interface with almost any instrument or system to the networks that meets simple requirements.

From the small 1 to 4 channel to several hundreds of channels of signal conditioning, BASIL Networks offers it at competitive pricing and delivery times.







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