To Lead or Not to Lead ?




BASIL Networks offers market research resources for product line research, evaluation, feature comparisons and a competitive analysis.  Accurate information on competitive products can and often does give marketing leverage to manufacturers as well as educate the consumer on the required features, performance and price expectations from potential customers.

BASIL Networks offers two levels of market research.

  • Level 1 is an exhaustive Internet search of companies presently marketing similar products. This report incorporates a specification tree of included and optional features along with price and delivery.  The time required for this research level varies depending on communications with the manufacturers and distributors and other factors.
  • Level 2 is Level one  with the addition of external data source services for obtaining public records of corporate information etc. about each of the manufacturers public status. The time for this research varies as well on the number of manufactures and the product popularity.

BASIL Networks offers technical business services for Business Plan development and research under a NDA and contract  in order to protect our clients Intellectual Property. Business plan development includes Level 1 and 2 for market research.


Product evaluations covering hardware test and benchmarks are available and require the purchase or rental of the product by the client.  Client specific test are conducted and the results are documented, certified and sent to the client in the requested form.

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