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When the product is build we are ready to enter Phase 4, the system test, debug and validation phase.  This is where the initial hardware debugging is performed by using simple test software for each section of the system that has been layed out in the initial documentation package.  The individual sections of the system are then tested for performance dynamics and a record of the performance is created and used to compare the theoretical tolerance analysis to empirical data.  The next step is the combined system performance testing using specified client software outlined in the system specifications.  If specific client software is required to show system performance, it should be presented at this time.   In many projects BASIL Networks requests to develop the system software as well in order to insure hardware/software compatibility at a root level and saves time during development.

Some of the client software may have been accomplished in the earlier stages, however if debugging is required it is usually done at this stage simulating the hardware functions.  If a last minute test is added and the software is not available, then our resources would assist in the software development to our clients specifications.  On documented confirmation of the system performance with an on-site client validation of the performance, the acceptance of the system is expected and shipped to the clients facilities.

That is the BASIL Networks, PLLC development process for all contracts and has a proven record of success and quality of service by structuring for success.  We look forward to working with our clients.

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