To Lead or Not to Lead ?

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Entering Phase-3 the hardware/software build phase is always exciting for the team that was initially involved in the documentation development is now assigned the responsibilities to build the system hardware/software from the documented design prepared in the previous phase.  Communications is maintained with the client via the VPN port established in the earlier phases.  

In many development projects our clients often want changes after the build begins, that is OK, technology changes without notice sometimes.  Handling changes are part of development and the earlier we get communications about a requested change the easier it will be to implement.  If the change is with a later part of the build and does not appear to have an impact on the overall schedule, we will just implement it and amend the contract for materials.  If the change requires a redesign of a section we will submit the change expectations for our clients approval.  When the expectations are agreed the contract will be amended and we will proceed with the build and a updated active development time line document is added which reflect the current status and resources assigned.  This type of communications allows our clients to have secure instant access to the development schedule at their convenience.  Any sudden changes in specifications or added system features are instantly communicated and responded to.

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