To Lead or Not to Lead ?

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The first stage of the custom development is the most important. This is where we develop a strong communication mechanism and build our business relationships.  Our communications starts with the initial requirements documented for us to return a RFQ including a Non-Disclosure agreement between companies.  We realize the fast moving pace of business management and how an idea is driven to fruition.  

Sometimes the system requirements are not fully completed and in that case our team will outline incomplete areas of concern and supply suggestions, recommendations along with estimated time requirements for your consideration.  We will also work with our clients designers to complete the system requirements.   Incomplete System Specifications are common, since many clients only outline the results required and not the details to get the results.  From the initial RFQ to the final quotation confirming specifications is about a two to three pass procedure.

Once the requirements are agreed on, BASIL Networks team will create a set of documentation for tracking the system development which include contracts, payment scheduling, specifications and a development time-line.  This finalizes the expectations of both parties and require signatures to proceed with the paper design.   At the completion of the paper design, a design review is conducted that generally addresses all specifications, packaging and preferences.  The results of the design review are incorporated into the initial design and changes to the remaining documentation are processed.  A document is created to amend the contract, specifications, preferences, and time-line along with a meeting to sign-off on the updates. This is a key area of a successful development program.  From our 30 plus years experience in the research and development area, the bottleneck occurs in the failure to sign-off on changes for what ever reason which compromises expectations.  Our development process system corrects many common issues with expectation and accountability concerns by maintaining open communications at all times.  

Keep in mind that during the design process a good knowledge of some of the components that may be difficult to purchase immediately becomes apparent. Purchasing gets involved in either ordering these long lead time components in order to maintain a consistent development cycle.  Once all the initial design documentation is completed we are ready to enter Phase-3 the build phase.

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