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BASIL Networks offers contract services for the design and development of peripherals for a variety of bus architectures including PXI, CPCI, PCI, ISA and OBIA (Open Bus Interface Architecture) and the users custom bus architecture. We create initial specification documentation to our clients requirements based on RFQ's and several design meetings. From the documentation, we design, build, test and develop production intent prototypes. Our smooth interface with our clients current in-house documentation system assures our clients in house control. Custom one time designs and small builds follow a different design process than the product design process. One time builds are considered lab and development peripherals and have a shorted prototype design and build time line.


Products developed for the market follow a different development process than the one time custom peripheral design. Both development processes have the same high quality design attention, however the design is not geared for volume manufacturing, allowing a more cost effective one time solution.  Product development demands tighter design control, stringent component Parts Approval Process (PAP) and DFM incorporated methodology allowing volume manufacturing capability.  If you need a peripheral designed as a product then we have the extended resources for you.  BASIL Networks has developed many computer peripheral products over the years, specializing in developing fast turnaround production intent prototypes for the PCI, CPI, PXI, ISA and OBIA areas.   BASIL Networks also supports pre-production runs for all the products we develop. We have found that assisting our clients during the first pre-production builds, the initial full production build is completed with a minimum number of surprises.  Peripheral product designs generally have some type of software to communicate with the peripheral for testing and calibration. This software may also be used for production test and calibration of the device which is part of the DFM methodology.  This test software also reduces the driver and application development time since the initial drivers have developed during the software testing stage. We look forward to creating new relationships and contributing to your company's success.

OEM Multi-Channel Programmable Modulation and Function Generator PMG-M-130 Series
This is an Intelligent Integrated Peripheral (I▓P ) that incorporates four 300MHz quadrature DDS channels consisting of two analog output channels, one clock trigger channel and one Fractional Phase Lock Loop channel with an on board VCO incorporated on a full length PCI card, PCIe is also available on request.  Several options are available for this OEM design which may be customized for specific OEM applications. Options include;  Multi-channel Serial Data Transfer Unit for multi-frequency-multi-phase shift keying, Scan Sequence Controller which allows synchronization of all four channels for critical Frequency, Time, Amplitude and Phase control applications.  The PMG-M-130 I▓P facilitates your system solution for embedded system integration.   If you are interested in purchasing or licensing this OEM design or interested in a custom design please contact Request Info.  A very flexible addition to your ATE system.  Application development software is also available.


OEM Single Channel Programmable Modulation and Function Generator PMG-130 Series
This is a single channel Intelligent Integrated Peripheral (I▓P ) incorporating a 300 MHz quadrature DDS.  This Technical Design Article (TDA) series shows the PMG-130 DDS system with software applications. This is an on-going series that will grow each month or as time permits so bookmark this page.  The OEM product was designed and developed by BASIL Networks and used internally for the development of other products.  Full hardware and software manuals and application development software are also available as shown in the TDA.  If you are interested in purchasing or licensing this OEM design or interested in a custom design please contact Request Info.


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