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BASIL Networks OEM licensed designs allow manufacturers to keep the competitive edge as well as free up their internal resources.  We have found that many companies lack the resources to keep the competitive edge with new products that fill the gap on their product line as well as expanding their product line into other technical areas.  BASIL Networks identifies the current market trends and technology, designs and develops products that fill current and future market needs.  BASIL Networks clients see the need to fill gaps in their product lines in order to maintain market leverage, BASIL Networks fills that need with a complete design for manufacturing package integrated into your current system.  If requested, BASIL Networks will assist your staff in preparing the strategy and marketing plan for the product.  A complete turnkey product solution that encourages industrial growth through innovative designs and strategic marketing.  For our OEM clients that want an identifying option that may be unique to their product line or organization, BASIL Networks will add those features that fit into the manufacturers product line for product trade mark identification.  By adding these unique custom features our client insures an exclusive license for that OEM design and, the OEM product automatically becomes exclusive for that manufacturer.  BASIL Networks under written agreement will not license the design with those custom features to the industry without written approval for the duration of the product life.  The OEM product list is constantly being updated pending on weather a client purchases the product outright or adding a new licensed product, so bookmark this page for future reference, or if you would like to be notified when new OEM products are posted for licensing or purchase just send us your e-mail address and we will put you on our list.  Some of BASIL Networks' OEM products are presented here for the first time and remain on-line until a licensed client is under agreement.


The timeline is always an important factor when developing an OEM product.  BASIL Networks experience has found that on an average two to three turns of a PCB design are required to get the product to a high volume full production state.  If the OEM product is a reasonable modification of a product in our design file then approximately 16 weeks of time will pass for this full production state process.  If this is a new design the timeline may be extended depending on the complexity of (Technical Design Specification) TDS and in some cases additional PCB turns may be required depending on the customers integration and evaluation.  These types of changes occur during the development process are generally after the contract is signed, they are nited during due diligence and are expected to add resonable costs to the time and materials initialized contracted.  Since development is structured for the customers needs these changes are communicated and agreed on via e-mail and follows through with an amendment to the original contract.  Our pricing structure allows the customer to accept the additional costs of these changes that were not possible when establishing the initial specifications until the prototype design is completed.  This is part of the due diligence and expectations process.  This allows the most cost effective development cycle and protects the customer from spending needlessly.  The main focus of BASIL Networks during the development process is to insure that the customers technical specifications are met.  From experience of developing many products, the common most difficulties that change the timeline are contract manufacturing scheduling, which include PCB fabrication and Assembly.  When designing with COTS components through distribution, it is next to impossible to guarantee an absolute delivery date since the entire market is on a first-come-first-serve (FIFS) structure for components.  If you miss by minutes the product delivery leadtime is extended which may mean days to several weeks in product delivery delays.  BASIL Networks policy is to order long lead time items as soon as they are identified during the design stage in order to shorten the manufacturing cycle.    Top

BASIL Networks adheres to the following OEM development process OEM Development on all contracts.  Once the prototypes are delivered our customer has the opportunity of integrating the prototype into their system for testing and evaluation.  BASIL Networks realizes that the fast changing industry will always require product enhancements.  It is at this time before the second turn during the customer integration and evaluation session that product enhancements may be added.  With this in mind we allow for enhancements for each PCB turn of the product in order for our customer to obtain the best competitive edge of the OEM product.

BASIL Networks is always interested in individual comments referencing what they would like to see in a design or application.  We service a wide range of applications and have received comments ands suggestions from a variety of individuals and technology areas.  There are two ways to contact us regarding OEM designs and suggestions.  The first is wide open to the web sniffing programs, corporations, government agencies who monitor the Internet.  If you are not concerned in keeping this information confidential then use contact form.  To obtain our PGP public Key right click and save or cut and past.  A file upload file process is also offered for RFQ's encrypred or standard.

In today's business environment confidentiality and secured communications are essential to maintaining a competitive edge.  Simple information that is released to the public prematurely may give your competition the leverage it needs to take the lead.  The BASIL Networks team has many years of experience in secured network communications to protect it's IP as well as their clients anonymity.

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