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BASIL Networks offers manufacturing and business network intergration, test monitoring, control systems with custom interface controls for all types of manufacturing, assembly and test processes on a Secure Local Area Network.

We offer services to evaluate your current systems and instrumentation and create a networking status report detailing what would be required for network integration. Today' engineering and development facilities have to communicate effectively in order to avoid duplication of design efforts.  A secure server for Research, Development and Product design insures communication throughout your organization and gives your company a time to market leverage.  This also allows Engineering, Research and Development to run independently of production while supplying secure crucial manufacturing information.  Basil Networks offers Linux and MSWindows® server services including system design, system integration build and installing a cost effective solutions. Our network servers incorporate Apache® Web Servers with integrated PHP, Java, XML, HTML, HTTPS, SSL capability. We incorporate Postfix Mail servers with IMAP and POP3 capability along with integrated MySQL® database services for the research, product design and manufacturing environment.

BASIL Networks offers three levels of network integration services:

  • Level 1 is an in depth evaluation of your present equipment that you would like to be integrated on a separate or existing network.   At the finish of the evaluation we will present a detailed report outlining the requirements to integrate the equipment to the network.  Also in the report will be a cost estimate and a time line to complete the integration.  There is a nominal fee for this service if the integration is not performed by BASIL Networks and is deducted if awarded a contract to complete the hardware integration. All quotes are valid for a 30 day time frame.
  • Level 2 is the supervision and training for your engineering group to perform the system integration build and installation and future maintenance.
  • Level 3 includes Level one with the addition of signing a contract to complete the integration task. BASIL Networks will assume all responsibilities for system integration build and installation. Budgetary agreements based on task stages are negotiated prior to the start of the project.


Instrumentation evaluations covering networking performance testing are limited to small networks and available marketed software. We do not perform network certification or product certification.

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