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BASIL Networks is always looking for innovative, intelligent, spirited individuals to become part of our family.  We encourage growth and support contributions to both company and individually.  We pride ourselves as being strong, allowing individuals to express their views and ideas with support and encouragement to not only complete their individual goals but apply the same principles to the teams goals.

Our career opportunities are not generally task type 9 to 5 jobs.  Contributions by career minded individuals create their own positions and require the ability to work independently as well as with the team to complete the teams goals.  On occasion we have had short term task oriented opportunities that we post here for individuals interested only in short term.

You can submit your resume to Human Resources through our ftp server, preferably in MSWord or PDF format (write protected if you prefer) or through the individual job links below, however if you are using other platforms such as Unix or Linux a text format is also fine, we also support OpenOffice documents as well.  We have the capability to read just about anything.  If you would like to keep your data transmission private, (preferred communications) our HR department has a PGP encryption key that you may use to encrypt your resume.  All resumes and other information provided, "is not and will not", be released to any other party outside BASIL Networks, without your written authorization.  BASIL Networks Privacy policy is simple and outlined at PRIVACY POLICY .

Thank you for your interest in BASIL Networks,
The BASIL Networks Team

BASIL Networks is looking for C-level high spirited talented individuals interested in being part of a new team.  We are taking applications for Executive VP and Board of Director level positions for this team that is scheduled to be active sometime after the 4th quarter of 2014.  If you are a C-level High Technology / New Technology accomplished individual VP, CIO, CxO interested in being part of the manufacturing base in the USA with American made innovative products then you are the type of person we are looking for.  You must be a naturalized U.S. citizen and be able to pass a NACLC, (National Agency Check with Local Agency Check and Credit Check) or a SSBI (Single Scope Background Investigation).



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