To Lead or Not to Lead ?




BASIL Networks offers custom instrumentation design and development for those instrumentation requirements that are not COTS available.  If your company is interested in manufacturing a new instrumentation product line  we have the resources to meet your development needs.

If your custom instrument requirements are less than 20 units or a single one time build, then we will present a faster turn around cycle.  Design and Development of a stand alone or single run build of an instrument follows a faster development cycle.  For volume production instruments our standard process for implementing to your ISO-9000 system of documentation requires a different development cycle.


Products developed for the market follow a different development process than the one time custom peripheral design.  Both development processes have the same high quality design attention, however the design is not geared for volume manufacturing, allowing a more cost effective one time solution.  Product development demands tighter design control, stringent component Parts Approval Process (PAP) and DFM incorporated methodology allowing volume manufacturing capability.  If you need a peripheral controlled instrument design as a product to market then we also have the extended resources required to give your company a competitive edge.  Many of the product instrument designs have to allow some type of computer control as well, such as some type of software to communicate with the instrument for testing and calibration. This software may also be used for production test and calibration of the instrument which is part of the DFM methodology.  This test software also reduces the driver and application development time since the initial drivers have already been developed.

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