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BASIL Networks offers a solution for your process control system requirements. If you need a one of a kind process system for a short term product or you want to develop a system to manufacture as a product to be part of your product line, then we are the ones to talk to.  From the initial evaluation, through the specifications process, through the design and build and validation process, through to the clients systems acceptance, we have the resources to deliver the system on time and to specifications.


One of the most critical sections of a process control system is the sensor section.  The signal conditioning of the measurement points to be recorded for processing and analysis are more often overlooked as not important to the whole system.  Not understanding the measurement points signal characteristics leads to poor system performance and an unexpected cost to correct the problem.  In today's market, there are many COTS software packages and general purpose process systems, National Instruments«, Teradyne«, GenRad« to name a few, however most applications require some type of non standard signal conditioning. Performing the signal conditioning at the A/D conversion level will compromise signal integrity and dynamic range for the low level signals and cause distortion and noise at the high level signals.  By maintaining a full-scale output of all your signals to the A/D you are able to maintain a constant signal to noise ration for both low and high level signals as well as perform filtering at the hardware level. System programming is simplified for all aspects of the system and maximum dynamic range is maintained throughout the process  We offer custom design services to develop isolated and standard signal conditioning racks and test beds for all your needs. From the small 1 to 4 channel to hundreds of channels of signal conditioning, that will maintain maximum system performance for your process.  BASIL Networks offers it at competitive pricing and delivery times.


System Integration of COTS instrumentation, known as Rack&Stack, incorporates some sort of interconnection problems as well. These interconnection problems also contribute to system performance, by mismatch impedance and cabling inconsistencies to name just a few.  Most COTS instrumentation try and insure their market place by interfacing to their own instrumentation first, leaving the customer to deal with interfacing to other manufactures.  Our team will insure the interface connectivity and capabilities of each of the individual components to maximize system performance.  Although Rack&Stack is much more practical for fast one time system development than designing your own, a poor or overlooked system integration and the interconnection mechanism will becomes very costly when system performance expectations are not accomplished.


For special requirements that COTS approaches are not available, our team will design and build a custom process system to your specifications. We will review and make recommendations for the best cost effected solution to maintain the system performance.  Custom designed process systems are not often requested mainly because of the large variety of instrumentation available on the market today.  Most of the time one custom interface signal conditioner or a unique single function type instrument development will complete the system requirements. If a custom system development is the best way to proceed the following process, Proc 01, Proc 02, and Proc 03 show a development flow that interfaces and maintains open communication between BASIL Networks team and client which encourages success throughout the development cycle. BASIL Networks has over 20 years of system development experience and has developed and incorporated this communications process with great success.  This process is so effective that we are able to incorporate changes to specifications on-line and adjust to the most demanding requirements.

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