BASIL Networks is now offering software products for the developer.  All of BASIL Networks products are offered exclusively through Tucson OEM distribution while support will remain here at BASIL Networks where we may establish a one on one with those interested in and using our products.  This allows us to address any special needs that may not exist in our standard products.

With a one on one communication we are able to address product concerns and requested enhancements within a reasonable time frame to insure those that use our products of fast and efficient customer service.  We are not going to ask you to fill out any customer surveys etc., also we are not going to publish any communications we get by e-mail or product request or telephone calls, also we do not record any phone conversations like other companies.  If you want to comment on our Support Forums to build an application community of engineering development tools we would appreciate and respect your contribution.

BASIL Networks offers two levels of their commercial off the shelf (COTS) software products to help first time users evaluate our products and determine how it will fit within their operation.

  • Level 1  - is a free trial version that has limited features but still very useful for those that do not need all advanced features.  Most business developers will find the advanced features very useful to saving time during development.
  • Level 2 - is the commercial version of the software with all the advanced features and is licensed to a specific company or individual.  Site licensing is available for the majority of our software and source code escrow is also available depending on the critical use level.

BASIL Networks still offers custom software services as well and we also offer full site licensing with lifetime updates.  We also offer encrypted updates for all site licenses.


Product evaluations covering hardware test and benchmarks are available and require the purchase or rental of the product by the client.  Client specific test are conducted and the results are documented, certified and sent to the client in the requested form.


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