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The default directory dialog allows the user to setup unique directories for each protocol and organize the protocols by device databases and datafiles directories.  This is one of the organizational features of the IBPD System.  Each functional directory consists of a directory reset to default button and a browser button to allow system wide directory browsing and new directory creating.  The block diagram below shows the layout of the directory dialog.


Once the directory has been set the system will default to these directories when loading and saving files through out the protocol dialogs.  The user of course may over ride these at any time and store the file anywhere on the system.






The main menu buttons handle the high level functions of the default directory setup.

SPI Save Directory List - This allows the user to save the default directory list to a user selected directory.  The default directory name appears as the starting directory "ProgramDirectory\SS_SPI\SPI_DIR\".

SPI Load Directory List - This will reload the default directories file shown in the Directory Data Filename field.  If the user wand to load a different file there is a Browse button available to browse the system directories for the desired user file.

SPI Set Startup Default - This function sets the startup default directory file for all the directories in the selected protocol.  This may be setup for any set of directories and locations which allows multiple projects and protocols to have unique directories during the development cycle.

SPI Reset ALL to Default - The user may also reset all the directories to the default settings with this function.  It is the same as clicking on each of the Reset Default SPI *.xxx directory buttons.

2_SPI Directory Data Filename

This is the active file showing all the default directory locations.  There is a System Default Directory file located in the SYS_SPI directory.

Set To Default Directory - If the user checks the Set To Default Directory checkbox the SYS_SPI default directory file will be placed in the Directory Names Field and will be the file that will be saved when the Save Directory List button is clicked on.  To save to a different file uncheck the Set To Default Directory check box and a file browser will appear to allow the user to select the file to save the directory shown in the dialog.



3_SPI Command File Configuration Dialogs

Each Directory field has its own default reset button and browse button. The directories are separated into selected groups.  Each group performs selected functions throughout the IBPD System.

SPI Command File List Directory - This is the Command Configuration Files Lists of CMD Files Directory.

SPI Command File Directory - This is the Command Configuration Files Directory.

SPI Binary Data File Directory - Binary Data Files Directory.

SPI Hex Data File Directory - Intel Hex Format Files Directory.



4_SPI Command Line Argument Configurations

This group is associated with the Command Line Mode and the associated files used to create a Command Line Argument file.

SPI Command Line Argument Files List - This is the Command Line Argument Lists of CLA Files Directory.

SPI Command Line Argument Files - This is the Command Line Argument Files directory.

SPI Command Line Argument Command Files List - This is the Command Line Argument Commands Files Lists of CLC Files Directory.

SPI Command Line Argument Commands File - This is the Command Line Argument Commands Files directory.



5_SPI Device Database Directories

These are the directories associated with the device databases.

SPI Database Files - Device Database Files Directory.

SPI Database Device Datasheets Files - Device PDF Datasheets Directory.



6_SPI System Files Configuration

These are a general system configuration file directories for buttons and directories.

SPI Button Configuration Files - The user Button Configuration files directory.  The user may setup a number of different button links for different projects.  The configuration files are stored in this directory.

SPI Directory of Directories - This is a set of directory configuration files that allow the user to set the default directories for each development project.



7_SPI Encryption Directories

The SPI Encryption root directory has two associated sub-directories that hold encrypted data files and project directories for encrypted files which organize data on secure servers.  Encryption / Decryption of data is performed within the IBPD System and is unique to the Specific IBPD System registered.  The user may also use a user private key to encrypt the data that may be used with multiple different registered copies of the IBPD System.  Each Protocol will have its own registered set of encryption processes allowing the user to enter their own pass phrase or use the internal pass phrase.

SPI Encryption Root Directory - Encrypted File Directories.

SPI Data File ENC directory - Encrypted Data File Directory.

SPI Encryption Default Directory Files - Default Encrypted Directories lists.




This Page - In order to easily maintain the manual for this product we have decided to put it on line.  There will be PDF files of each section for download for updates for those that want to download the complete set of help files.  These PDF files are called up when in a specific dialog and pressing the F1 key or the ? button on the lower right of the dialog.


Information of the last executed function on the dialog. This is a common field for all dialogs on the  IBPD System.


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