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Imagine test equipment for development and  manufacturing that has an indefinite usage life for your company, for your manufacturers in-house and/or offsite.  The  Interactive BUS Protocol Development (IBPD) system grows as the company grows, adds protocols and test interface control as you need them, loads and runs from the cloud or local server is fully AES256 encrypted.  Multiple users with fully controlled access from a central single project manager, handles multiple projects.  Runs on Windows® XP to Windows® 10 32/64 bit systems without having to install, just click and run on desktop or laptop.

Setup different test and interfaces and be able to repeat the entire setup with a singe click.  Setups are saved in project directories of the users choice and saved for future use. No more trying to figure out the setup of tests performed in the past, just go to the directory, activate and all the setup processes and documentation and initial calibration data are just a click away.

No more COTS discontinued products when you need them the most and have to build new test equipment.  The end user fully owns the software and custom hardware with a single one time perpetual licence fee to assemble as many systems for the licensed company as needed with no extra fees.  There is a Calibration and Asset Management (CAM) system integrated in the main software to track the certification of the hardware and location where ever to insure it is always ready for use.  Hardware and software access are also controlled by encryption to prevent misuse in sensitive controlled environments and labs.

BASIL Networks will offer a custom program that meets developers and manufactures needs to program and test devices in multiple locations using our Reliability, Repeatability, Functionality and Time saving (R²FT) methodology to insure outsourcing and multiple manufacturing plants are totally in sync with equipment that meet the highest quality manufacturing standard in today's environment.

Standard and custom protocols and accessories development offered at a fraction of the base IBPD initial system insures the longevity and product reuse to reduce TCO.


The IBPD Hardware is focused on product development uniquely integrating BUS protocol tools, instrumentation tools for rapid measurment, control and testing during a product development cycle.  The IBPR consists of several building blocks all enclosed in standard 8"x4"x1U" enclosures for the workbench desktop saving space and time, also available in a 1U 19"rack mount version.  All protocols and devices may be utilized simultaneously on the same desktop or laptop computer running Windows® XP to Windows® 10 allowing easy interchange of data between protocols and/or devcices.  This is one of the many features of the multiple protocol IBPD system through a single USB port.  All IBPD system models include an expansion USB port for cascading the IBPD system model accessories and instrumentation taking up much less bench space than traditional equipment along with a great cost savings.   The universal protocol controllers are a Click&Add-On which allows the user to select the protocols that are required add them to the MAIN IBPD System without having to re-install or be concerned about the Windows OS Version being run.  Installing the IBPD System on a cloud or local server adds total flexibility for larger companies with multiple sites.  All IBPD System hardware may be setup for a single purchase system and have multiple or same system configurations.   The advanced Universal Protocol controllers address the latest in high speed sensing devices that connect via I²C, QSPI up to 100MHz and other serial sensors.  This makes the IBPD system a universal IoT (Internet of Things) development and time saving tool for both single and multi-protocol product development.  

Typical IBPD System Proof of Design (PoD) configurations make it easy to adjust your programming needs on-the fly.  The versions on the IBPD roadmap for release this year are listed below.  Functional block diagrams below show the selected features in each model.

      IBPD Model-100  Standard Base Controller USB-2.0
      IBPD Model-110  Standard Base Controller USB-2.0

      IBPD Model-200 Advanced Base Controller USB 2.0

      IBPD Model-X00 Advanced Universal Protocol Controller USB 3.0 and USB2.0
      IBPD Model-X10 Advanced Universal DAQ Controller USB 3.0 and USB2.0
      IBPD Model-X20 Advanced Universal Temperature Controller USB 3.0 and USB2.0

      IBPD Model-X40 Advanced Universal Isolated Controller USB 3.0 and USB2.0

Our customers comments and suggestions are very important to our development and we respect all communications and look forward to them.  We appreciate you taking the time to review the details of the IBPD System at your convenience.  If you are interested in other features or protocols that are not on our roadmap added to the IBPD System just let us know, drop us a line through our on-line Contact Form  or through our Support Forum and we will table the suggestions for future rel releases.  If your suggestion is not on our roadmap and we decide to incorporate your suggestion into our product we will send you a complete IBPD System with all the current protocol software to date for your contribution.

Our customers are our best marketing and critics for our products and are respected and rewarded for their contribution.  Engineers and developers have a different approach to marketing products and want to show our appreciation to our customers who communicate constructive feedback by offering them a discount on their next purchase.

BASIL Networks views our  update process policies and incorporates forward and backward OS compatibility in order to increase reuse, ROI and TCO on equipment investments.  BASIL Networks also realizes that development tools short fix updates may be released on a timely basis however major revision updates generally take a much longer time to release therefore, BASIL Networks, PLLC update policy has changed to incorporate a two year upgrade period from time of purchase since quality software takes time to develop and our customers deserve quality and this insures that all customers get at least one major revision update with their purchase.

To insure alternatives for our customers that want to create their own interface, the IBPD System software incorporates standard COTS cost effective architecture for several of FTDI's USB to XXX devices into the protocols as the default hardware where applicable and will remain as part of the driver mechanism of the IBPD System.  The IBPD System base unit includes an I²C protocol and is plug and play using the FTDI's UM232H-B series device.  All standard hardware drivers will meet the official protocol architecture specifications published by the originators of each protocol.   Users may purchase other separate protocol software modules that will support both the FTDI series as well as the IBPD-USB-XXX series hardware however these will have limited functionality compared to the IBPD System.

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IBPD System Model-100/200  Standardand and Advanced I/O protocol controllers for the IBPD System software.  The controllers includes the following features:

  • Two Universal Protocol Controller (UPC) ports
  • Each Universal Protocol Controller (UPC) incorporates a bit programmable level sensing 8 bit I/O port
  • Each protocol controller includes four synchronization lines for protocol timing & debugging
  • I²C Slave Device for debugging or file transfers.(Model-100only)
  • SPI Slave device for debugging or file transfers.(Model-100 only)
  • Four I/O port device select lines to control an 8 bit bi-directional BUS for CPU type I/O communications.
  • Four level sense request lines for event driven 8 bit bi-directional I/O control
  • Digital I/O will handle 3.3V outputs and are 5 volt input tolerant.
  • 4 channels differential analog inputs (Model-100 only)
  • 4 channels analog output (Model-100 only)
  • 16 Bit Logic analyzer (Model-110 only)
  • Two Channel Digital Storage Oscilloscope (100MSPS) 1 Meg Buffer per channel
  • Requires only one USB uplink port.
  • One user downlink port (Model 100),  three user downlink ports (Model200) for expansion or other devices.
  • Standard IBPD System User C Library for customizing applications.
  • Enclosed in a case with front and rear panels. Custom packaging available.
  • Shipped with power adapter.
  • Interfaces with the PTB-50-1 and PTB-3040-1 screw terminal accessories for fast prototype setup, (Model 100).
  • Interfaces with the PTB-50-2 and the PTB-40-2 screw terminal accessories for fast prototype setup, (Model 200).




IBPD System Model X00 DAQ/UTMP Controllers are the advanced controllers for the IBPD System.

The IBPD - X00 DAQ/UTMP Controller Common Features

  • Universal BUS Expansion Controller For up to 256 channel control 50 pin ribbon Connector
  • Powersupply for digital expansion 3A@3.3Vdc
  • Powersupply for Analog Expansion ±15Vdc@330MA
  • Powersupply for Single Ended Analog +5V@1Amp
  • Full temperature range -200°C to +850°C
  • Single USB required - plugs into the standard or Advanced Base Controllers

The IBPD - X20-UTMP   Universal Temperature Controller Features

  • Eight channels of RTD inputs 2, 3, 4 wire type.
  • RTD programmable selection,Platinum 100, 1K, 2K ohms
  • 24 bit A/D converter for temperature data
  • Full temperature range -200°C to +850°C
  • Programmable Simultaneous triggering by channel

The IBPD - X10-DAQ  Universal Data Acquisition Controller Features

  • Supports upto 256 channels Analog I/O any combination
  • Programmable Simultaneous triggering by channel



The IBPD-PTB-50-x is the standard Push Terminal Board for the IBPD System Digital I/O section of the IBPD Model-1xx and 2xx controllers.  The controller includes the following features:

  •   Easy release push terminal access for all digital functions for the attached controller.
  •   16 Bit Logic Analyzer  access with two external clock input connections. (Model-110 & 210 only)
  •   Dual 16 Bit Byte controlled Digital I/O Ports
  •   One CPU Type Digital I/O port with three device select lines
  •   4 channel analog output connectors (Model-100 only)
  •   4 channel differential analog input terminals (Model-100 only)
  •   All outputs 3.3Vdc 10 MA max, Inputs 5 volt tolerant.



The IBPD-PTB-3040-1 is the standard Push Terminal Board for the Universal Protocol Controllers and the I²C and SPI slave devices protocol incorporated into the IBPD System Model-1xx.  The Slave Devices are not included in the IBPD System Model-2xx Controllers.  The IBPD-PTB-3040-1 includes the following features:

  • Easy release push terminal access to all protocol functions for the attached controller.
  • Separate 3.3Vdc @100MA power for user applications.
  • Special feed through for Altera Byte Blaster 10 pin header to a user terminal connector for easy setup to program devices.
  • Special feed through for Xilinx TIC 14 pin header to a crimp pin type header for easy creation of custom cables setup to program devices.
  • Ships with both 10 and 6 pin connectors and associated crimp type pins for the user to create custom programming cables.
  • Enclosed in a removable case for easy setup and protection against shorts.Separate 5Vdc @50MA power for Channel A & B Universal Protocol sections



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