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In the area of research & development for new technology products we have found that writing software and designing hardware interface tools during a new product development project is pretty much guaranteed.  If we were able to find development software to develop the project it would not be that unique.  Even finding tools that are flexible enough to develop with is getting more and more difficult as well as becoming very costly.  For those of us that still utilize Macro Assemblers in addition to other popular language compilers as we do here at BASIL Networks, the reuse requirement is always in conflict with just get the product out there demands.   There is always a need to have each in-house developed applications more flexible for reuse which is how BASIL Networks over the years put together the Command Line Argument Development System (CLADS).  After writing specific applications/development and test software, then having to modify, sometimes slightly, sometimes adding more functionality, for each application we decided to allow some programming flexibility in our internal software/hardware development requirements.  This meant of course that we have to develop some foresight skills which for BASIL Networks, PLLC is most fortunate since we have the test of time with over 30 years of experience along with a very large library of software and hardware designs to review that helped us with the standard CLADS that is incorporated in our software/hardware products.  The CLADS software allows users to develop their own user command set that has functionality within their own C, C++ C#, or any API that support command line operations. The CLADS end result output files may be used in both Windows« and Linux APIs.  The IBPD System CLADS is embedded and tailored for each BUS protocol allowing focused Command Line Argument file generation.  This CLADS section for general purpose development and incorporated features that are not in the embedded protocols that allow the use for multiple languages and user defined CLA command files.  This will be explained in the Command Line Argument Commands Dialog page. A quick example of a typical Command Line Mode is as follows.  CLADS is included in the IBPD-SYS as a general purpose Command Line Argument development as well as embedded into each BUS protocol that save time when creating Command Line Argument files that are unique to each protocol..  CLADS allow the user to integrate third party scripts used for MatLAB, MathCAD, Linux BASH and many other API's directly through the IBPD users buttons incorporated with every protocol.  The CLADS allows the user to maintain an organized inventory of user scripts for all that are given access.  The CLADS allows full documentation to remain wit the scripts.   Organize Windows CMD scripts for distribution.  CLADS may be used with any application that allows Command Line argiuments.  The CLA commands for each protocol have been embedded into each protocol for rapid setup and implementation.

For the IBPD System CLA commands apply directly to any protocol installed in the system as shown below.

For Third Party Applications incorporated into data analysis the form would be selecting any one of the eight user buttons and incorporating the commands.  There are provisions to call third party commands from within the IBPDSYS.exe system before and after IBPCSYS protocol commands. 




The dialogs for the independent Command Line Argument Development System is shown in the block diagram below.  Each of these dialogs have their own page for a detailed explanation of each of the functions associated with each dialog.



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