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As the IBPD system was being developed the roadmap of accessories began to immerge and keeping track of the accessories, calibration and associated equipment it became apparent that a tracking management system was needed.  The creation of the Calibration & Asset Management System (CAMS) was added to the IBPD system.

The CAMS Application
The Calibration & Assets Management System is a unique approach to assets management that differs from the traditional assets management systems that have a central block of database files focused on one company.  the IBPD CAMS requires integration on many levels and is designed to be compartmentalized for secure product development.  The CAMS features allow completely independent database groups compartmentalized by project, department ,company as well as integrating the traditional assets management structure.   The IBPD CAMS adds the next generation issues of product development - full compartmentalization encryption for multi-users that allows several parts of a full project to be developed independently by different companies or departments.  Communications tot he entire project requires a responsible Project manager to handle all communications and tasks and assign unique encryption keys to insure secure communications.   Also in order to handle all the compartmentalized databases a database maintenance application is integrated in to the system and will only access the databases the logged in user has authorization to access.

The CAMS databases are encrypted and may be kept in a local on-site server or a remote cloud server.  When initialize the encrypted databases are downloaded to the local desktop, or laptop and the decryption process begins by requesting a user passphrase of key to initialize.  All processing on the databases are performed locally and when access is complete closing of the application will upload the databases from where they were originally downloaded.  The users is requested not to turn off the system until the transfer is completed and the disk us cleared of the encrypted datafile.  All updates are kept in local memory with a protected access for the IBPD system only.



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