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The Serial Data Transfer section allows the user to transfer serial digital data to the Modulation Input for Frequency and Phase shift keying schemes.  The transfer size is from one byte to 512K bytes. The data may be looped from start to finish for bit rate testing from a single file or multiple files in a control sequence from applications like LabView.


 DATA TRANSFER MAIN MENU - The main menu for this dialog allows the user to Load and Save data files or create a new file.  All data loaded or created is placed in the working array buffer until the user transfers it to the on board SRAM by the Write to SRAM button.

 CURRENT FILE  - This is the current data file loaded in to the working array buffer displayed with its full path.

 STORE DATA to ARRAY  - The Store DATA to ARRAY Button allows the user to edit current data or create new data in the working array.

 WORD COUNT SETUP  - The word count allows the user to select a desired word count from the array. This function works with the SRAM starting address in order to allow a windowed data transfer from the array. This allows the user to store several frames in SRAM and select the frames desired for the test.

 TRANSFER MODE SETUP - The transfer mode setup allow the user to select a SINGLE WORD, SINGLE BLOCK, or FULL BLOCK transfer. The word size is also variable from 1 to 16 bits.  The user may also select the start and end bit in the word allow word windowing as well. The transfer mode also allows the user to control the bps rate of the transfer by controlling the reference frequency and rate divider.

 STATUS OF LAST COMMAND - This is a monitor field for the status of the last command executed in the dialog.

 TRANSFER DATA  - This is where the data is transferred to the active core of the PMG-130.  The SINGLE and BLOCK transfer buttons allow the user to control a single word transfer or and entire block (word count) transfer.

 HELP - This Button will activate the About dialog box and allow the user to select the online manual for help.

LOAD MODE & SERIAL DATA REGISTER  - These buttons insure a relative starting point for the data transfer.

 DATA LOOP CONTROL  - This section is for diagnostics. It allows the data in the array to be looped indefinitely or to a specific loop count.

 SRAM START ADDRESS  - This is the starting address in the SRAM of the data to be transferred to the active core.

 DATA IN CURRENT ARRAY - This is the current working array data window that will allow the user to verify and edit the data prior to transfer.

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