All of the OEM products listed below only show the main features of the individual products. Since these designs will be either licensed or sold directly, we require that interested parties contact us directly either privately or through our public request forums. Someone from BASIL Networks will be happy to give a presentation as well as a competitive market analysis for any of these products.  All of these products have software drivers for Linux,  MSWindows as standard drivers. Other drivers are available and vary on the product and application.


This is a complete 130 MHz Direct Digital Synthesizer (PMG-130) plug in card for several platforms, PCI,PXI VME/VXI. Some of  the capabilities are DC to 130 MHZ  Dual DACs for tracking Sine - Cosine Outputs, Fixed 50MHz TCXO 4ps rms jitter -internal reference, NIST traceable. External Reference I/O from 1 MHz to 200 MHz. Both Internal and external references are buffered out. A separate 50MHz. clock output is synchronized to the Sine-Cosine outputs for large system testing. Standard Universal  size PCI card, 3U PXI or VXI cards available.  Digitally controlled Modulation schemes without CPU intervention, Store over 20,000 frequencies with on board high speed SRAM, that allows a 6 byte frequency and or 2 byte phase update in less than one microsecond. Frequency resolution of 1 micro-hertz.  Several standard externally programmable modulation schemes such as FHSS, FSK, RFSK, QPSK,QAM,DSSS FM, AM are available without CPU intervention and are integrated into the design. Software runs on Windows NT4,SP6, WinME, 98SE, Win2K, XP, Requires 8 Meg RAM, no registry keys are created or used to run the demo program.  Software runs without hardware for off-line development. Runs in Batch mode from a command line for background operation. Install To/From your network and runs from Network.  Manuals included, Quick Start, Hardware, Software. Request Info




This is an Intelligent Integrated Peripheral (I2P ) that incorporates four 300MHz quadrature DDS channels consisting of two analog output channels, one clock trigger channel and one Fractional Phase Lock Loop channel with an on board VCO incorporated on a full length PCI card, PCIe is also available on request.  Several options are available for this OEM design which may be customized for specific OEM applications. Options include;  Multi-channel Serial Data Transfer Unit for multi-frequency-multi-phase shift keying, Scan Sequence Controller which allows synchronization of all four channels for critical Frequency, Time, Amplitude and Phase control applications.  The PMG-M-130  I2P facilitates your system solution for embedded system integration.  Request Info









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