To Lead or Not to Lead ?


BASIL Networks is a technology solutions research, product design and development firm.  All research and design is performed in-house.  BASIL Networks does not outsource its  technology development.  BASIL Networks does outsource PCB fabrication and assembly to selected USA east coast contract manufacturing houses that are under NDA's and other secured contracts in order to protect Intellectual property. For our business capabilities such as Business Plans for technology and market research please review our Products Research Capabilities.

BASIL Networks focus is on new technologies including OEM product development for the industry and government.  BASIL Networks provides a total solution incorporating both hardware, firmware and software applications.  Keeping the total solution in house allows BASIL Networks to maintain a smooth transition from hardware to firmware to application software, insuring minimum turn around times and the highest quality of service.

Before any design may be implemented a Technical Specification Document (TSD) must be available for design direction. This is one of the industries more difficult areas to define and many times work is performed on verbal direction and assumption.  Many times rework or design changes must be implemented because of missed or poorly communicated expectations.  BASIL Networks along with the client creates the TSD prior to any development.  The TSD may be created in as short as one day or extended until both parties are confident that all specifications are documented.   E-mails are very important, both before and after a contract is signed, in order to make sudden technical changes that were missed in the initial contract.  It is BASIL Networks first priority to meet all technical specifications prior to product shipment.

The Technical Specification Document includes but not limited to:

  • Overall design specifications.

  • Interface requirements

  • Performance requirements

  • Power Requirements

  • Component  requirements

Once the TSD is approved via e-mail, a contract is created incorporating the TSD along with expectations and milestones. If requested BASIL Networks will also create the contract for a minimal fee and submit it for approval and/or modifications.  BASIL Networks will begin the development process when the contract is signed.  Additional communications via e-mails during the development process is maintained in order to comply with our development process and the associated development process flow diagrams.     Top

The following tables summarize BASIL Networks design capabilities. These tables are updated as BASIL Networks expand its' level of technology.


Research & Development  to Custom Product development - turnkey
Custom interfacing from platform to platform - analog, digital, mixed signal including RF, CPLD, FPGA, Embedded Processors, x86, NIOS and others.
PCI, PCIe, PCI-X, VXI, VMI and other bus architecture - peripheral design and development
Process Control System design and development including Automatic Test Equipment.  Example product flow
Technical documentation, Web presentations and On-Site presentation


Analog Small / Large signal  DC to RF, Custom and COTS Sensors Arrays
Digital interfacing cross platform interfaces, SERDES, SPI, CAN, PCI, PCIe etc.
Arbitrary Wave Form Generator (ARB) Design High Speed, 16, 18, 24 bit
High Speed A/D/A signal conditioning including RF
Power and Temperature interface design
OEM Product design, custom controllers
ATE System Design and Development - CAM

FPGA and CPLD Design

VHDL, QUARTUS II Altera, Nios, IDE Xilinx, Actel, Lattice, Atmel. PIC


OrCAD Schematic Capture / Layout Standard C/D Size drawing template or customer specified
EDIF, DXF, Other transfer packages available

PCB DESIGN AND LAYOUT OrCAD Standard Specifications

Trace Width / Spacing

0.006" trace width / 0.006" spacing standard;  custom to 2/2 mil trace/width, Hi-volume, 6/6mil, 8/8mil


Up to 16 standard,  special order up to 48


Gold Plating standard to reduce whisker growth;  lead and no-lead available.


SMT, Fine Pitch-BGA, QFPs  0603 standard, 00501 minimum.

Component Spacing

0.050" standard, 0.050" from PCB Edge, custom spacing to 0.015"

Hole Size

0.006" via finished,  0.010" annular ring standard, 0.004" Laser Custom

PCB Type

FR4 or customer specified. Class 2 standard, Class 3 for Fine,Micro-BGAs & Mill spec.



Drill Tape

Standard Excellon format, Centroid Standard

Gerber Plot Files

All Layers


FAB Drawings, All Layers, All mask layers, Drill and Assembly drawings


Fully RoHS compliant capabilities or Mil-Spec. tin-lead, gold


BASIL Networks firmware and software application capabilities include but are not limited to.     Top


Windows Device Application Software using Visual Studio Development, Win32/64 API -  Example

Windows Client/Server Application Software using Visual Studio and Win32/64 Security Encryption API

Windows Device Drivers (NT, WDM) , Windows NT4,  Windows 98SE, Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8

x86, Intel IA32, IA64 Protected Mode BIOS, Northbridge,Southbridge, Security Encryption, USB development

Embedded application development, Assembly language for several platforms.

Custom automated test system software applications, custom Interfacing, Analog/Digital including RF. Example

Custom C++ Application development using Visual Studio - Example


Technical Manuals, Hardware, Software Reference and Users manual. On-line embedded and PDF -  Example

Training Manuals both PDF and  On-Line training website

Web Presentation and Podcast development



Database of suppliers and distributors of components

Adobe Acrobat

Creation of PDF files

Adobe Page Maker

Develop manuals and training books in PDF format

Altera  Quartus II

FPGA, CPLD and Nios Embedded development


Web server running under Red Hat Pro Linux


Development of mechanical drawings for fab houses

Corel Draw Suite

Custom graphics design for labels and manuals


Web browser from Mozilla.


Web browser from Opera Software.

Internet Explorer

Web browser from Microsoft.

Linux OS 32/64 bit OS

Client / Server systems, Linux desktop development, KDE & RHEL


Modeling and analysis



MS Xcel

Bill of materials with manufacturer, distributor, delivery and pricing information.

MS Project

Project planning and tracking

MS Word

General word processing

MS Visio Professional

Creations of the technical presentations and drawings


Assembly program development for x86 based stand alone embedded processors

MS Visual Studio [ C++, C#]

Program development and testing for x86 based systems & Math analysis C++/VB/ WTL

Borland 32 bit C Compiler

Embedded Processor x86 stand alone development

Watcom Fortran/C++  IDE

Development running under Linux, Windows

MySQL, MS FoxPro

Relational database and web development running under Linux, Windows

PGP, & Custom Encryption Methodologies

Encryption software for business and contract communications

Namo Web Edit Suite

Web Development for on-line manuals and this website


Schematic Capture and PCB Layout

PHP Interpreter, & Java

PHP Hypertext processor for web development

Ulead Cool 3D

3D graphic animation for web presentations

UltraEdit Studio

Main program editor - Win32, 64 and ASM etc.



Cyberlynk ProDirector

CD and DVD Video Presentation Authoring & Burning

Auto Screen Recorder & Gif Animator

Web video and audio podcasts development Gif Animation

Custom DAQ Test System

Used for signal analysis and general monitoring and testing

BASIL Networks owns and operates all servers on site. This allows us the opportunity to offer secure communications with out clients using VPN and other encryption capabilities for point to point security on separate servers.  Currently we use PGP, RSA and working on other more secure point to point communication technologies that will be activated when they become available.  


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